Electric Garlic Chopper USB Rechargeable

Color: Beige yellow
Electrical outlet: USB


2 In 1 Electric Garlic Chopper USB Rechargeable Vegetable Chili Meat Ginger Masher Handheld Multipurpose Kitchen Gadgets


1. Multifunctional:  Equipped with a 304 blade and a three-dimensional stirring function, this electric chopper can easily handle various ingredients such as garlic, chili, meat, and baby food, making it perfect for daily kitchen preparations.
2. Large Cup Capacity:  With a 250ml cup capacity, this garlic grinder is suitable for the daily cooking needs of families of 3-5 people. It is easy to use and can mix all kinds of sauces in one go.
3. Powerful Grinding:  The three-blade whirlwind cutting head is sharp and the motor has strong power. The high-speed rotation of the three-dimensional blade quickly cuts and grinds the ingredients into fine pieces.
4. Strong Power Output:  Equipped with a high-power copper motor and a metal cylinder body that reduces heat output, this food processor has a longer lifespan and runs quieter than other models.
5. Type-C Charging and Long Battery Life:  This wireless food grinder uses a Type-C charging interface for convenient charging using a power bank, computer, or outlet. With a long battery life, you can enjoy its powerful blending capabilities for extended periods.

Product information:

Power: below 100W
Function: Multi functional, household use
Placement method: handheld
Color: Khaki multi-function garlic purer+double stick egg beater, beige multi-function garlic purer+double stick egg beater
Gear: Above 3rd gear

Packing list:

Cooking machine * 1 charging line * 1 egg beater * 1/cream stick * 1

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