7 in 1 Facial Rejuvenating Massager - Anti-Aging

Color: Pink
Electrical outlet: USB




Cleansing and detoxification - warm to open pores, use positive and negative ion attraction and high-frequency vibration function to clean the accumulated waste deep in the pores, improve skin dullness and pigmentation;
Skin rejuvenation mode - red light mode, combined with warm and vibration mode, to reduce wrinkles;
Light acne repair - blue light reduces acne and pimples, effectively inhibits skin inflammation and inhibits oil secretion, and improves the problem of large pores;
Skin rejuvenation and whitening - Orange light supplements energy, accelerates skin metabolism, and makes skin bright and tender;
Nourishing introduction - Ions and warm heat accelerate the introduction of nutrient essence, combined with lighting and vibration massage so that the bottom of the muscle can fully absorb the nutrient essence, moisturizing and full;
Firming and lifting - EMS micro-current massage mode, quickly improves skin firmness and elasticity and tightens loose skin;
Eye care - warm vibration massage to relieve eye fatigue, fully introduce eye cream or eye essence to promote absorption

How the device works:
The device uses low-energy radiation to heat the deep layer of skin called the dermis. This heat stimulates collagen production to help improve signs of wrinkles and sagging skin. It works by emitting infrared lights (causing heat) at different wavelengths/spectrums, which have different benefits for the skin.

EMS Microcurrent (Galvanic Ions): Use the anode and cathode principle of gentler impulse current to attract, soften and discharge grease and dirt.
High Frequency Vibration: A form of electrical stimulation to increase elasticity and improve cellular metabolism.
Warm massage: promote the absorption of skin care products, make the skin texture taut, keep the skin full of elasticity.
Red light: increases blood circulation to diminish wrinkles, tighten skin
Blue light: has a rapid anti-inflammatory effect, reducing sebum vivacity, eliminating acne bacilli to remove acne.
Orange light: Effectively treats the red spot on the skin, relieves swelling.
RF Therapy: This improves the appearance of pigmentation, scars, and uneven skin tone.

Comes in the packaging:
1 *7 in 1 Facial Rejuvenating Massager
1 * User Manual
1 * USB charging cable
1 * Charging Base
1 * Safe Ring

Power: 4W
Working volt: 3.7v
Battery: 750mAh
Power supply: USB charging
Charging time: approx. 3 hours
Intensity: 3 intensity levels
Product size: approx. 16.5*5*4.5cm/6.49x1.96x1.77inch)

Not recommended for those who have facial plastic surgery, subcutaneous metal implants or during pregnancy.
Clean the massage head with paper towels. Do not wash with water and do not let the device come into contact with metal objects.
Do not operate or store in a humid environment such as a bathroom to avoid short circuit.
For use on face and neck areas only. It is not recommended for daily use or on sensitive skin. Use it just once a week.

Care to take:
Power on and off: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. (Do not use while charging)
Keep your fingers in contact with the device's sensor to form a complete circuit when using it.
Use DEEP CLEAN mode with makeup remover or cleansing lotions. (Do not use a facial cleanser or cleansing oil)
It is normal that you will feel an electric shock when using it as the device adopts microcurrent technology.


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